A mile out of Darien on U.S. Highway 14, nestled between a few old barns and a cornfield, hides four trap houses. A peak through the window of the cozy club house reveals firearms, ammunition, and reloading materials: supplies of any hunter’s dreams. Walking through the entrance, hiding in the air conditioning, is a cheerful puller ready to help with any questions. Grab a soda from the fridge and toss a couple quarters into the bucket. Smell the fresh cut grass as it intermingles with the scent of gunpowder. Welcome to Darien Sporting Goods.

Darien Sporting Goods Shooting Trap

Darien Sporting Goods Front View

We are an open to the public trapshooting club and a shotgun-only range.We have no pistol, rifle, or archery facilities. We do, however, sell20150726_112402 your choice of handguns and shotguns, and ammunition to go with that. DSG is southeastern Wisconsin’s go-to place for shotgun loading supplies. We have various rifle, pistol, and shotgun primers.  We have over twenty different kinds of wads from .410 to 12 gauge and every color in between.  We sell Eagle and Lawrence lead at competitor’s prices.

Stop on in and check us out!


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  1. Mack

    This is the friendliest, most knowledgable place to shot and learn trap shooting. A fine selection of supplies and competitive prices. Stop in.

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